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ADOM Curriculum

The rigorous curriculum we use is provided by the Archdiocese of Miami

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Spanish Program (T.W.I.N)

We use the Two Way Immersion Network of Catholic Schools, a 50/50 immersion model where we speak to the students in both english and Spanish. We are the only school in South Florida apart of this program.


- Intermediate Science Fair: The 3rd-5th grader are guided by 8th graders through the scientific method, and present their findings.

- Social Studies Fair: The 6th graders choose a topic in history, research it, and present their findings.

Fine Arts Expo: The 5th graders are assigned a famous artist or composer to research and present their findings.

- Hispanic Festival: The 7th graders choose a hispanic country, research it, present their findings, and learn a dance from that culture.

- Career Fair: The 8th graders choose a career of interest, research it, and present their findings.

- Science Fair: The 8th graders complete a Fairchild project and present their findings

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Academic Olympics

Students are chosen by the teachers according to their academic achievements. We usually average about 14 metals per year.

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