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St. Kevin Catholic School employs teachers who hold a baccalaureate or higher degree and are certified by the state of Florida. This qualifies them to provide excellent instruction in the subject they teach. 

All employees are required to be fingerprinted, and have background checks.

IMG_2522 copy.jpg
Dr. Mayra Constantino
IMG_1185 copy.jpg
Dr. Sharyn Henderson
Assistant Principal
Father Saldaña

Administrative Team


IMG_1308 copy_edited.jpg
Mrs. Mary Cento
Director of Pupil Services
Mrs. Denise Lam
Curriculum Coordinator of Middle School
IMG_2713 copy.jpg
Dr. Cristina Fernandez
Director of Technology
IMG_1305 copy.jpg
Mrs. Diane Perez-Cubas
Curriculum Coordinator of Intermediate Grades
IMG_1307 copy.jpg
Mrs. Iliana Hernandez
Curriculum Coordinator of PK Program
IMG_1634 copy.jpg
Mrs. Natalie Venedicto
Curriculum Coordinator of Early Childhood

Faculty and Staff


Mrs. Abella

Mrs. Abreu

Mrs. Arango

Mrs. Baez

Mrs. Barrueta

Mrs. Bayona

Mrs. Blanco

Mrs. Calle

Mrs. Camejo

Mrs. Candelaria

Mrs. Cantens

Coach Collado

Mrs. Coppo

Mrs. Cordova

Mrs. de la Mata

Mrs. De Novi

Mrs. Delombard


Mrs. Diaz Arguelles

Mrs. Duran

Mrs. Escudero

Mrs. Font

Mrs. Free

Mrs. Izquierdo

Mrs. Jewett

Mrs. Khawand

Mrs. Lara

Mrs. Martinez

Mrs. Larazabal

Mrs. Lopez

Ms. Martel

Mrs. Martinez

Mrs. Martinez

Miss Maya

Ms Maya

Mrs. Maynoldi

Mrs. Molina

Mrs. Montero

Mrs. Morin

Miss Patron

Mrs. Paez

Mrs. Paz Salmon

Mrs. Perez

Mrs. Porro

Mrs. Potrony

Mrs. Ramos 

Mrs. Reyes

Ms. Riser

Mrs. Rodriguez

Mrs. Rodriguez

Mrs. Rodriguez

Mrs. Sagaro

Mrs. Sanz

Miss Smith

Mrs. Southby

Mrs. Tourne

Mrs. Trujillo


Miss Varela

Mrs. Vazquez

Mrs. Vera

Mrs. Verwey

Mrs. Will

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