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Altar Servers

These students serve in the weekly school masses and weekend masses, along with the school's graduations and sacraments. All students in 4th-8th grade are welcome to participate.

Art Club

Members share their god given talents with the community by creating sceneries of the serval events celebrated in the school and parish. All students in middle school are welcome to attend.

Boys/Girls Scouts

More information coming soon.

Campus Ministry

This club works to encourage children to participate in weekend masses, help at the Saturday 6pm mass, and prepare sandwiches for the homeless. All students in middle school are welcome to participate 


Students in grades 4th-8th are eligible to join our school’s choir, the Green and White ShamRockers. The ShamRockers sing at weekly school masses, monthly community masses, and special school events. The ShamRockers also put together an annual Christmas Concert and a small group will compete as a show choir in the Music USA Festival in Universal Studios. All students in 4th-8th grade are welcome to participate.

Future Educators of America

This club helps students with their academic work and assist teachers with chores and tutoring. At the beginning of the year, 7th and 8th grade members are assigned their teacher. 

Morning Announcements

This club works both in front and behind the camera to create the TV morning announcements for the school. This club is open to all 8th graders.


More information coming soon.

Safety Patrol

More information coming soon.

Science Club

This club strives to increase awareness of environmental problems and participate in the solution. They care for the plants and animals on campus, while taking care of the recycling. All students in 7th grade are welcome to participate.

Student Council

This group acts as a liaison between the student body, teachers, and administration. It is open to 2 student delegates per grades 5th-8th, plus 8th grade board members.


This club creates a book filled with memories and events that occurred throughout the year. 8th grade students and two 7th grade students that are trained for the next year can be apart of this club.

Youth Crime Watch

This club teaches elementary students to be socially aware. They occasionally bring in guest speakers.

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