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Pupil Services


This is for children who will need accommodations and strategies to be able to successfully catch them up to their grade level. Parents would meet with the excel teachers to create individualized goals to bring the child up to their grade level. 

Excel Plus

This is for kids who are above their grade level. In order to qualify, they need to be at our school for a minimum of 1 year prior to the entrance into excel plus. In addition, the child's teacher would need to recommend the student. Excel teachers will look at their grades, TERRANOVA results, classroom performance and rubric standards created by the excel staff. 


This service is provided for students who may need someone to talk to. The guidance counselor is a facilitator to guide students to help them in making moral decisions. They are available for parents to speak to about possible concerns about their child's mental health. Students may request appointments with the counselor during school hours. 


Carlotta Fernandez started the excel program in 2001 to address the needs of struggling children. In 2019, we expanded the program with Excel + for the children that needed an extra challenge.

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